The Great Top Deck Mystery

Top Deck is the perfect blend of milk and white chocolate come together in one bar. On the bottom is a classic milk chocolate base and on top are dollops of sweet white chocolate that’ll melt in your mouth. This bar removes any decision making you might have if you find yourself torn between deciding on milk or white chocolate for dessert.

Oh and it also comes in “bubbly” which is not unlike an Aero bar and is a much lighter version of the original (and it’s my favourite).

Photo Credit: City Girl Vibe

Despite Top Deck being so tasty, it’s only sold in South Africa and New Zealand, which makes me wonder, why? Why isn’t it sold elsewhere? It used to be, so what changed?

The short answer? I have no idea.

I tried my best to find some answers but to no avail. I’m guessing it’s for obvious reasons like profits, sales, and marketing but who knows. One thing I DO know for sure is that everyone loves a novelty item. So, if you give the people Top Deck bars and then take them away, they’re bound to be a bit miffed. Take, for example, the United Kingdom, where Top Deck used to be sold until one cold deary day Cadbury stopped selling them. The UK market was – and remains – upset by the lack of Top Deck supply. So upset, in fact, that some dedicated consumers started a ‘Bring Top Deck Back’ campaign on Facebook with over 1,700 followers (no small feat!).

Clearly, candy is a nostalgic thing. We love treats that remind us of being kids, of visits to Grandma’s house, or of road trips with our parents. No doubt, that’s part of Top Deck’s appeal but ,it doesn’t detract from the fact that’s it’s seriously tasty.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.

PS if you aren’t planning a trip to South Africa or New Zealand anytime soon then you can buy these chocolate bars from Candy Funhouse (they sell both the original and the bubbly versions).


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