Yoo-hoo Candy Bar: Surprisingly Delicious

This candy bar threw me for a loop. For starters, it’s advertised as a ‘candy bar’ not a chocolate bar, which had me wondering  ‘why?’. That is, until I took my first bite and realized that it’s less like a regular chocolate bar and more like a chocolatey-hard-to-describe-bar.

Here’s why: Yoo-hoo Candy Bar tastes exactly like chocolate milk. Not regular chocolate milk but the kind of liquid chocolate milk you drink from a glass.

Yoo-hoo was originally developed as a soft drink in the 1920s in New Jersey. The creator, Natale Olivieri, wanted to make a chocolate drink that wouldn’t spoil in the summer like regular chocolate milk. Think about that. He didn’t want chocolate milk to spoil…..needless to say there are probably all sorts of preservatives and dehydrated whey products in the drink. Lucky for Olivieri, he succeeded and Yoo-hoo milk chocolate drink was born.

Now picture that drink in solid form. It’s creamy, but you can tell it doesn’t have the density and creaminess that usually comes from milk products. Instead, it’s lighter, sweeter, and there’s a somewhat grainy texture to the bar that makes it break apart and melt on your tongue.

Got it? Okay now you’re officially imagining Yoo-hoo candy bars! Well done.

One other thing to note about this treat:  the bar itself is huge! It breaks into generous pieces that are perfect for snacking on.

This candy bar was such a guilty pleasure. It’s not particularly high-end, it doesn’t have any bells and whistles, the packaging is a bit plain….and yet,  I loved it.  The taste was sweet and delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed breaking off large squares to eat with my tea. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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