Good Things Come in Pairs

First up, let me introduce you to Starburst Gummies. They’re soft, chewy, but not so chewy they get stuck in your teeth, and shaped perfectly like Starbursts. The sour ones are covered in a granular coating that’s adds a fun kick and the flavours are unreal – watermelon that tastes like jolly ranchers, blue raspberry that reminds me of kool-aid, and cheery and strawberry that are too good to be true!! The originals  come in the classic Starburst flavours like orange, cherry, strawberry and lemon.

Clearly, I’m a fan.

Next up, Fini’s Crunchy Marshmallows. I know they sound weird, and somewhat unappetizing but let me assure you they aren’t. The rainbow marshmallows with fizz (in the pink bag) are lightly crunchy on the outside and slightly sour (and we all know how much I love sour candies). The crunchy coating isn’t too hard, more like a thin layer that breaks easily making these treats a super interesting texture. And the flavours are vibrant! They really do fizz in your mouth.

After loving the rainbow crunchy marshmallows, I was excited to try the diablo marshmallows because I’m a big fan of spicy treats. Unfortunately, I only ate one. The flavour is just so peculiar. They aren’t sweet at all and instead taste like spicy, savoury marshmallow balls with a hint of smoky flavour. No thanks.

Still, three out of four is a win in my books.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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