What Makes a Candy Good?

Lately, I’ve been wondering….what makes a candy good?

Is it the way it tastes? The way it looks? The nostalgia it evokes when we take our first bite? Probably a little bit of everything, which is how I came up with what I think are four key components to any good candy: flavour, texture, looks, and expectations.

Flavour is by far the most important component of any good candy (probably goes without saying right?).  How much we enjoy eating something will definitely supersede anything else.

Texture is how it feels to eat. Is it grainy? Soft? Chewy? Hard? Before I started this blog, I never considered ‘texture’ as something that mattered to me. But it does. It really does. Texture tells us a lot about the quality of the candy and if it’s really good, texture can even enhance flavour.

Looks are important in the candy world, especially when you consider that a candy company’s target audience is probably children and adults who, nine times out of ten, are buying something on impulse. Candy that’s eye-catching and cool-looking sells better. So it’s no wonder it’s usually packaged in bright colours that make us feel happy when we grab it off the shelf.

And finally, expectations. By that I mean, our own expectations of how something should taste. If our expectations are too high or too low, then how we feel about a product will be impacted. For example, if the candy advertises itself as being super sour and it’s not, we’re more likely to  be disappointed regardless of how good the candy actually is.

So how do Fini Shock Tongues match up to the four essential components?

Well, the flavours are unreal. Shock Tongues come with six candy ribbons (one of each colour) and each ribbon is as flavourful as the next. Texture was good. They’re hard enough that they have some structure, but still chewy and they don’t get stuck in your teeth. They’re also coated in a nice grainy sugar/sour concoction that melts on your tongue.  Looks get an A+ in my books! They’re super bright in colour and the ribbons pop out of the bag.

The only downfall? Expectations. Shock Tongues are advertised as being incredibly sour (hence the name) but they were more sweet than sour and definitely didn’t ‘shock me’. To give you a point of reference, imagine gummy bear are on one end of the spectrum and sour patched kids are on the other, now Shock Tongues sit right in the middle.

Even still, Shock Tongues are a new favourite of mine. I was really impressed with the flavours and like I said, taste surpasses everything else. I just wish they’d re-brand the product so you don’t pick it up thinking they’ll make your eyes water. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing 🙂

Enjoy the sweet stuff,



2 thoughts on “What Makes a Candy Good?

  1. Mo Zi says:

    I have to completely agree with your review of the Shock Tongues! But for me not being too sour is a complete plus! Also with regards to candy, I’m all about the flavour and nostalgia. I find that generally my tastes haven’t changed since I was a kid, I love now what I loved then!


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