Feeling Nostalgic for Popeye Candy Sticks? You’re not alone.


Remember how awesome Popeye’s candy sticks were back in the day?

Well, good news…..they haven’t changed a bit! They’re literally the exact same candy you had years ago. The only notable difference is that now they call them Popeye’s ‘candy sticks’ instead of ‘cigarettes’ (which sounds like a smart marketing choice). Did you know they used to sell these candies with red tips to make them look even more like fake cigarettes? My my how times have changed.

I have such vivid memories of pretending to ‘smoke’ these white chalky candies and thinking I was the coolest kid. Clearly, that was long before we all learned the truth about smoking and the ensuing controversy over manufacturing stuff for kids that makes smoking seem fun.

Regardless, Popeye sticks are such a classic treat. I mean, in and of themselves they’re kind of tasty but let’s be honest the real appeal is that they remind us of being a kid.

Which has me thinking, isn’t it funny how nostalgic we can be over candy? My theory is that candy is one of the only things kids will spend money on so in that sense, it’s a real treat. It’s also special because usually parents only let kids eat candy in moderation or during the holidays. Which is why I blame all my hoarding candy tendencies on the fact that we were only allowed fruit for dessert and that was only on the weekends. Sigh, life was hard 🙂

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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