My Beloved Yorkie Bars


Yorkie bars and I go way back.

Nearly ten years ago (gulp) I was a first year university student in England. I was poor and the English pound was worth way more than the Canadian dollar (alas I guess it still is). Anyway, I was attending a university that was at least twenty minutes outside the nearest town, which to be honest was more of a village because I’m almost positive the population was in the hundreds. I had no means of transportation and it was very very difficult to satisfy my late night chocolate cravings. Lucky for me,  my dormitory had a vending machine with Yorkie bars – so so many Yorkie bars. For only 50p I could buy one of these delicious treats at any given time. I remember the only thing I didn’t like about them was the packaging which used to read “it’s not for girls” (um what?!).


Photo source

Apparently it was a chocolate bar geared towards men, which is a bit odd in and of itself. After some controversy and push back the company dropped the weird slogan.

When I came back to Canada I couldn’t find Yorkie bars anywhere. They’re sold almost exclusively in the UK and I feared I’d never taste them again…that is until Moe sent me two! Eek. One was plain milk chocolate and the other was Raisin & Biscuit, and both were as good as I remembered.

Yorkies are thick chocolate bars that break into five pieces. The chocolate itself tastes very similar to Dairy Milk bars. In fact, I’ve read it described as a “chunkier alternative to Cadbury” which is a rather apt description. The cocoa flavour isn’t very strong but the milk chocolate is smooth and will melt in your mouth.

I’m a big fan of plain milk chocolate because when it’s tasty enough it doesn’t needs all the bells and whistles that mask the chocolate flavour. These Yorkies are not exception. Even still, the Raisin & Biscuit is nice because the raisins add just a little extra sweetness and the biscuits add a little bit of texture. Neither are overpowering and you won’t get giant chunks of dried fruit or cookie with each bite. Instead, the fruit pieces are subtle and the biscuits bits are tiny.

Clearly, I love love love Yorkie bars. Part of me wondered if it was because they remind me of my time in England. After some careful taste testing I’m inclined to say ‘no’, Yorkies are just a tasty chocolate bar. I like that each bite is thick. I like that there’s not much to them besides milk chocolate. And I like that they got rid of their silly slogan 🙂

I really think you’ll like them too.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


P.S. Curious about the name “YORKIE”? The chocolate bars were originally made by the company Rowntree of York (York = Yorkie), which is the same company that developed Kit-Kats, Smarties, and Aero bars.

All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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