The Perfect Wedding Candies

I recently mentioned that I attended a bachelorette party in Jasper and that at the party, I decided to bring some wedding friendly candies for the ladies to try. So here it is, our review:

We started with Champagne flavoured Jelly Bellies and finished with Beer flavoured ones. First thing everyone noticed were the colours! The champagne ones were a beautiful pearly white and the beer ones were an equally pretty copper colour. Maybe it was because we had weddings on the mind but we couldn’t help but think they’d be great party flavours (I mean check out the packaging! So cute), on display at a candy table, or even at a gift table as decoration. You can buy them in bags or in tiny champagne bottles and beer cans, which I have no doubt guests would go crazy over.

Everyone loved the champagne ones. They weren’t too sweet, a little bit fruity, and although they didn’t exactly taste like champagne they were just nice and tasty.

1 2 3 4

Most of the ladies really enjoyed the beer ones and only a handful of us thought they were only ‘okay’. The most common response was ‘they’re way better than I thought they’d be’. And it’s true. They are better than you think they’re going to be.  I promise you they don’t taste like beer (which frankly I hate), but instead they’re more candy-esque with the tiniest hint of hops (or maybe it’s wheat….my untrained beer tastebuds couldn’t really tell).

Either way, I liked both flavours and the ladies felt the same. They’re biggest selling point was (obvs) the colours but I like I said, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavours. Definitely two crowd pleasers and a great wedding idea.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.





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