Kids Candy at its finest


I don’t know what it is about fizzy candies that kids love so much, but the two things seem to go hand in hand. I guess there is something to be said about the novelty of eating candy that changes in your mouth and I do remember going gaga over anything that that dyed the colour of my tongue. It’s like a pseudo-science experiment for young minds, excepted not really….but kind of.

Luckily, these Razzles Fizzles pop, fizz, and are likely to dye your tongue in the process. In other words, they’re what I would describe as the ideal kid candy. Not to mention the packaging is amazing. I love the bright colours and funky font! Very eye-catching.

We had a few taste testers on this one and the consensus was that we can imagine our former kid selves loving Razzles Fizzles. It’s totally the type of treat you’d buy yourself with $2 from your allowance at the local convenient store. As for the taste, the initial chew is good and the candy does kind of pop. It’s almost like mini pop rocks but a little less dramatic. So the candy really delivers, but the gum is pretty bland and unless you’re chewing like eight pieces at once it isn’t very substantial.

All that being said, I don’t think any kid candy connoisseur is going to be too disappointed with the less than impressive leftover gum from Razzles Fizzles. Instead, I think they’ll be excited by a candy that’s fun and playful.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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