Dear Abba-Zaba, I’m sorry.


I owe an apology to the makers of Abba-Zaba candy taffy bars. I judged your product and it sat in our cupboard for months, untouched, and unloved. In my defense, it looks seriously unappetizing. The packaging reminds me of a New York taxi cab (which I’ve since learned is intentional) and it felt hard as a rock when we first touched it.

We must have been desperate for candy because my husband randomly decided to open the Abba-Zaba bar last week. The bar was bright white – no artificial colour in sight – which should have been a good thing but for some illogical reason it only reconfirmed my prejudice against this candy. I  mean, who wants to eat candy that looks like a piece of plastic??

Much to my surprise, the Abba-Zaba was delicious! Like seriously delicious. The taffy was soft and delightfully chewy, not at all hard like I imagined. And it was filled with the most amazing salty peanut butter. They advertise it as real peanut butter and I can definitely confirm it was 100% real. It was textured like real peanut butter and much better than the fake stuff in my opinion.

I’m so happy Moe sent us this candy bar because I genuinely don’t think I would have ever been inclined to pick this one out in a shop, and that would have been a shame because taffy and peanut butter might be one of my new favourite combinations.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.


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