Honey Nut M&Ms for the WIN!


The votes are in and it’s Honey Nut M&Ms for the win!!

In case you haven’t heard, there are three new M&M flavours roaming the streets these days: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut and Chili Nut.  As you can probably tell from the picture below, each one has a unique colour and funky new package.

This week’s candy review was brought to you by four unqualified taste testers. Our consensus? Honey Nut M&Ms were delicious. They were the perfect blend of honey, peanuts and milk chocolate and as you can imagine the combo was amazing.

As for the other two flavours….well let’s just say they were bad.

The Coffee Nut had a gross after taste that I couldn’t pinpoint for the life of me, but I want to say it tasted like artificial cream….if I could capture it in a word I would say “mech”. To be fair, Ian thought they were delicious and he was all too happy to finish off the bag so maybe it’s an acquired taste?? 


The Chili Nut was the obvious loser with four solid thumbs down. One of my roommates described the flavour as “bad cinnamon hearts” and the other one said it tasted like “fake”. While they’re all artificially flavoured but he was kind of right, there was something aspartame-y about them. Considering Lindt Dark Chocolate & Chili Excellence Bar is the tastiest thing in the world it was a bit disappointing. Maybe chili only couples well with dark chocolate?


Whatever your preference, M&Ms is doing a fun contest where you can cast your vote online to help keep one flavour on the ‘shelves’ (let’s just hope Chili Nut doesn’t win).

You can vote here if you’re so inclined.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.  


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