Nostalgic for Milka Chocolate

Milka Chocolate

When I first opened up this chocolate bar, I told myself I’d only eat a few squares and then I’d take a picture before sharing the rest of it with my roommates. Flash forward to an hour later and I’ve finished the entire bar by myself,  feeling slightly guilty, and enjoying a blissful chocolate comma.

To be fair, it tasted like a Cookies & Cream bar mashed into a Kinder Surprise, so what was I to do???


Originally from Switzerland (and the Swiss know chocolate) Milka products are available all over Europe and I’m almost positive they don’t sell them in Canada…or at the very least, they hard to find so I was pretty happy when this one arrived at my doorstep.  I once spent a semester abroad in the Netherlands and my roommates and I would keep Milka bars stocked in our communal kitchen. We probably risked scurvy but we were 21 and weren’t all that concerned about living a balanced lifestyle.

As for my review: this was an obvious winner. I only wish I’d practiced a little more self-control because I think the Milka Oreo bar would be fun to bake with. I could have made chocolate bark or macarons like these ones from this bakery in Belgium.  Although I should say ‘I would have attempted to make macarons and failed miserably’ because they’re super tricky.

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110

Photo by My Love for Macaroons

That’s one good looking dessert.

Enjoy the sweet stuff,


All the candy from this blog was given to me by Candy Funhouse but the opinions shared are 100% my own.  


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